About Narola Gems

Our company, Narola Gems was set up in 1992, with opening of a small diamonds manufacturing unit in Surat-Gujarat(India) Since then, it has become cutting edge of import of diamonds, followed by manufacturing and export of cut and polished diamonds.

The Narola Gems today is proud of having 1100 fully talented, strong and skilled work team. We at Narola Gems strongly believed in providing our customers the best services for them.

Our exports are in major diamonds hubs like USA, HongKong, China, Belgium, Dubai and more. Our journey since last 18 long years, made our core values of consistency and excellence kept our reputation in our satisfying buyers that is (our Narola Gems family members).

At Narola Gems, each division function with latest equipments that required and upgrading old technology with new technology.

We have great combination of having the best sources for rough diamonds, manufacturing it and sales of cut and polished diamonds made us reached our destination that our customers were actually looking for.

We have trained and then qualified our workers who make unique rough diamonds into excellent cut and polished diamonds.

We have built trust amongst our clients who prefer us for the rough diamonds as well as cut and polished diamonds.

Timely delivering with attractive prices are the interesting benchmark of Narola Gems.

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