NAROLA GEMS, it all started in 1989 with small unit of manufacturing in Surat (INDIA) having only one passion in mind to produce finest quality of diamonds and supply to the World.

NAROLA GEMS, the Importers, Manufacturers and Exporters of the Diamonds.

To the best of NAROLA GEMS, Every Single diamond is processes with “The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS).

We at NAROLA GEMS ethics, transparency and Consistency of business are followed to satisfaction....

At Narola Gems believe in constantly adding value to our customers and the to the diamond industry. Thus, we endure towards each and every product offering and engaging ourselves in excellent quality.

Our 15 year old global network of marketing associates at major diamond hubs like Hong Kong, China, France, Japan, Belgium, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, USA, Italy , New Zealand ,Canada and Dubai provide sales and services to our most prestigious and loyal clients all over the world.

Narola Gems manufacture mainly 0.30cts, 0.40cts & 0.50cts in Products range which makes us UNIQUE in this range.

Narola Gems sells 80% + of its certified diamonds on E-commerce platform such as Website & Email.

Our TRUST, ETHICS, SERVICES & highly features like 24 hrs. Excess, HD images, HOLD & BUY during purchasing makes the customers to BUY just by visualizing the Diamonds without actually seeing them.

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