To read the complete Terms and Conditions of Narola Gems , please see below.

Stones listed on our website are all subject to availability.
Goods once sold are not subject to return or exchange.
Stones cannot be sent on consignment basis.
All the disputes relating to online transaction through are subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction only.

Pricing :
All Prices displayed are based on ‘Advance Payment Terms’ only.
Prices are subject to change without prior notification, until the order is confirmed.
The company reserves all the rights to rectify errors pertaining to the prices of orders placed with an inaccurate description or incorrect price due to system or data-entry errors or technological failure.

Payments of all confirmed orders must be paid in advance.
Payment must be paid in full within 4 working days from the date of confirmation of your order.
Payments to be remitted in the form of wire transfers or in case of a TT copy, which should be forwarded to us.

Bank details are as under
Intermediately bank Detail: STANDARD CHARTERED BANK, NEW YORK, U.S.A.
Intermediately bank Swift Code: SCBLUS33XXX

Beneficiary Name: NAROLA GEMS
Beneficiary account number: C/A NO. 22506078627
Beneficiary Bank Swift Code: SCBLINBBCON

The stones will be shipped only upon the confirmation of receipt of advance payment into our account.
The stones will be shipped to your door steps through carriers like Brinks, Malca Amit, BVC Express, on C&F basis.
Door-to-door insurance will be covered by the above mentioned carriers.
The Company reserves rights to refuse shipments to certain international destinations.
USD 150 will be levied towards shipping and handling charges per invoice amounting below USD 15000. Invoice amounting above USD 15000 are absolutely free of cost.
Shipping charges includes cost of shipping from our office to nearest International Airport. Destination charges (i.e. from Airport to buyer's place) to be borne by the buyer only.
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